Sales Representative Jobs in Sydney

There is fierce competition for sales assistant jobs in Sydney, as anyone job hunting in this area will know. As most job seekers will also know, simply trawling jobs websites looking for the right position can be a demoralising – and often fruitless – exercise. Not only are there hundreds, sometimes thousands, of people competing for the same positions, but it takes considerable time to narrow down listings according to your own skill and experience level.

At Careers Connections, we bring the right job to you. We have a talented team of recruitment consultants, each with a specialised knowledge of their own particular industry, who can offer practical advice and one-on-one support to candidates looking for sales rep jobs that suit their credentials and career plan.

Our organisation has more than 20 years’ experience in helping job seekers take the next step in realising their career aspirations. Whether you are looking for a sales assistant job in the finance sector or a sales rep job in the IT and Communications industry, Careers Connections offers a personally tailored service to help meet your needs.

That means we only contact you with information on positions that are specifically relevant to you, saving you time and energy on your job search.

For more information on our sales representative and assistant jobs services, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone, email or online contact form. Alternatively, you can send in your CV or register for job alerts to get started with Careers Connections today!

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