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Find Medical Locum and Doctor Jobs Across Australia

Finding work in medicine can be surprisingly difficult for many doctors and medical professionals. Not because the jobs don’t exist – in a country the size of Australia there will always be a demand for physicians, from Brisbane to Fremantle and back – but because of the work and connections needed to find those doctors jobs.  Connecting clinics across the country with the right professionals when they need a locum doctor or physician is more than most of these clinics are equipped to do. That’s where a professional agency such as Careers Connections International steps in.

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Having to find a suitable job in general medicine can be a draining experience; nobody knows this better than the locum physician who must hunt for jobs several times a year. Things only get harder if your expertise is in a specialised area of medicine: as an emergency room physician, anaesthetist, psychiatrist or the like. By taking advantage of Careers Connections International’s exhaustive knowledge of Australian medical clinics and database of job listings you can cut out so much of the stress and time investment, and find yourself with opportunities for work you might never have found on your own. Our success rate with locum doctors is especially impressive, helping connect qualified professionals with highly paid temporary jobs within days of their registration.

Our agency can be your ticket into the Australian medical community

We also have plenty of positive experience working with foreign doctors to find them their first placements in the country. We know that the Australian medical community benefits hugely from experienced doctors joining us from overseas, but often the system makes it harder than it should be for those doctors to secure the work they need to make the move a success. Register your details and qualifications with us and we will negotiate you a job anywhere in Australia. It’s the welcome to our country that you deserve.

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