Locum Doctors Specialist
Medical Locum Recruitment OfficerLaura Patience

Much like her favourite superhero, Wonder Woman, Laura believes her professional purpose is to help people whenever she can. In fact, Laura is a firm believer that being a good recruiter really boils down to having a genuine passion for supporting other people's occupational ambitions.

Since starting her career in the recruitment industry over ten years ago, she has helped countless candidates find their dream placements. From pinpointing the perfect household management roles to starting her very own recruitment business, Laura has an impressive track record of success with all her clients.

In fact while running her own business, Laura didn't spend a single dollar on advertising. All of her clients requested her services based on peer recommendations - a testament to not just her recruitment skills, but her relationship-building ability.

Though her Careers Connections journey is a relatively new one, she already feels at home. The friendly demeanor of the team combined with their impressive work ethic had Laura sold from day one.

"It's refreshing working in an office where you know your team has your back. I can apply the skills I have learned throughout my years in recruitment in a fun and rewarding environment," explains Patience.

"I am looking forward to a long-term career at Careers Connections and I am excited to start building connections with both clients and colleagues."

When Laura's not forming new client relationships, she enjoys spending time with family exploring all that Australia has to offer - whether it's fishing with her three kids or catching a Gold Coast Titans game.

One day, she dreams of making a trip to the Maldives to enjoy the sandy white beaches and dreamy blue waters. For now, the beachfront environment of the Gold Coast will do nicely.

Laura's passion for her clients and their profess

Position:Medical Locum Recruitment Officer

Phone:+61 (02) 6674 5955


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