Permanent Doctors Specialist
Senior Recruitment Consultant - Permanent DoctorsNicki Wade

A New Zealand native, Nicki is quick to let you know that the All Blacks are the best rugby team out there. Though her roots are Kiwi, Nicki has lived a travel-filled life. Before she joined our team at Careers Connections in Sydney, Nicki spent 18 years living and working in the UK.

Her vibrant personality resonates with everyone she meets - a skill that has been hugely beneficial during her 20 years in recruitment.

Nicki's most treasured professional accomplishment is undoubtedly starting up the Careers Connections Health & Medical Division alongside her co-founder Jonathan Richards. Their pair of infectious personalities are what some would call a match made in recruitment heaven.

Nicki believes that building up the Careers Connections processes and protocols over the years has helped her understand the world of medical recruitment in Australia the way few other recruiters do.

"It was a huge learning curve but we pulled it off and walked away understanding the intricacies of medical recruitment like the back of our hand. It puts us ahead of the curve in our ability to place and care for our candidates and clients."

Nicki prides herself on her passion, precision and integrity - all traits that she believes helps her excel in building durable connections with her clientele. Anybody who has seen Nicki in action knows she is quick on her feet, understanding the intricate dynamics of her candidate's needs quickly and comprehensively.

When she's not wowing our candidates or entertaining our office staff, you can find Nicki enjoying the outdoors. Whether it is throwing some food on the barbie and enjoying drinks with friends or heading out camping - Nicki loves to make the most of her free time (it's what life's all about!).

Working with Careers Connections has been endlessly enjoyable for Nicki - from the freedom to work how you please to the beachfront environment. Looking forward, Nicki is excited to keep growing professionally with her team as her and Jonathan continue to build on the foundation they carefully crafted together over the past 7 years.

Position:Senior Recruitment Consultant - Permanent Doctors

Phone:+61 (02) 6674 5955

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