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NSW - Regional NSW - Full Time/Permanent

Fantastic opportunity to join a growing and supportive team
- Great team environment - Competitive pay rate - Fresh start in 2018

VIC - Melbourne - Full Time/Permanent

- BPT Registrar Medicine - RACP approved for 12 months - Great location - affordable living - Close to Melbourne - Work life balance - Friendly work environment

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Finding and selecting the right permanent doctor job is no easy task. You need to find an opening in the right location with the right benefits at the right remuneration. Juggling the process of finding these openings, applying for the positions and setting up interviews is stressful at the best of times. Careers Connections is here to take some of the pressure out of this process.

With our extensive professional network and our considerable experience in the market, we are able to target the positions that fit your needs. When you have us on your team you can rest assured that you will find a physician job that ticks all your most important boxes. Read more below to check out how we can help or just peruse the positions that are currently open.


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