Locum Jobs

Where should you locum next? Top Australian destinations

So you want to locum in Australia? There are so many breathtaking destinations to choose from! We’ll run you through some of our favourite spots.

How can you better embrace change on your locum assignment?

Embracing change on your locum assignment

Taking on a new locum doctor job means you have to be willing to embrace change. How can you more effectively deal with big professional transitions?

Locum work can be a great experience to add to your CV.

How can locum work fit into your career plan?

We often hear the question: Who is locum work appropriate for? The truth is, it can work for just about anyone, with any kind of career plan.

How can you ensure you're making a good impression in your locum doctor role?

The perfect locum: How to ensure you leave a lasting impression

Locum doctor jobs are a great opportunity for all medical professionals. So how can you ensure you are making a lasting impression in your locum facility?

Locum psychiatry work is fulfilling and well-compensated yet there are still major vacancies in hospitals across Australia.

Psychiatry Locums: How do we respond to increasing demands?

Demand for Locum Psychiatrists and Psychiatry Registrars are at unprecedented levels in Australia. This demand exists for a few key reasons and could be remedied with strategic solutions.