Doctor life in Australia: salaries, lifestyle, and learning

It’s not uncommon to hear of Doctors considering the move to Australia. The Land Down Under is world-renowned for it’s high salaries, commitment to work life balance and dedication to training.

It almost sounds too good to be true – but trust us, it’s real.

Let’s take a look at three pillars of doctor life in Australia: Salaries, lifestyle and learning.

Is life in Australia all it's cracked up to be?Is life in Australia all it’s cracked up to be?

Doctor salaries in Australia

Salaries will vary in different areas as each state government plays a role in setting the rate of pay. If it’s not specifically mentioned, doctors that work outside of the standard 38 hour work week will be paid extra penalty rates. If you are scheduled to take a shift during weekends or public holidays you will also be paid extra penalty rates for them.

With all the above taken into consideration, the average base doctor salaries in Australia are as follows:

  • Resident: AU$60,000 – $80,000
  • Registrar: AU$65,000 – $100,000
  • Consultant: AU$120,000 – $250,000

In addition to your salary and any penalty payments you may accrue, nearly every Australian hospital offers you:

  • Superannuation: A standard government requirement, this will be paid on top of your salary. If you do decided to return to your home country, you can apply to have your superannuation contributions released once you leave Australia.
  • Tax benefits: Doctors across Australia can choose to salary sacrifice a portion of their pay, which minimises your tax. Depending on the hospital, up to 30 per cent of your income is allowed to be tax-exempt. This is something you should discuss with your directors upon arriving in Australia.

Lifestyle in the land down under

Australia is known for it’s commitment to work-life balance and this is definitely true in the medical sector. At most hospitals, doctors receive up to 5 weeks of paid annual leave each year.

The best part? There is no shortage of fun to be had and sights to be seen when you live in Australia. From beaches to rainforests and everything in between – you’ll be spoilt for choice during your time off, allowing you to not just achieve work-life balance but relish in it.

Australia is known for it’s commitment to work-life balance.

Learning on the job

Australian hospitals have high training standards, meaning a wealth of development opportunity for their medical staff, all in some of the best facilities in the world.

In a study of 11 different national health care models, researchers at the New York-based Commonwealth Fund ranked Australia’s mixed public-private system second best. The study found that Australia ranked highest on Administrative Efficiency and Health Care Outcomes, and was among the top-ranked countries on Care Process.

Taking on a locum or permanent doctor job in Australia allows you to work and learn alongside leading professionals while making use of top healthcare facilities, ranked as global leaders in the medical industry.

Training opportunities are abundant in Australian hospitals. Training opportunities are abundant in Australian hospitals.

Keen to get your journey started?

When you combine the professional benefits with the abundance of lifestyle advantages of living in Australia, starting your permanent or locum placement in the land down under is a no-brainer.

The Careers Connections team is here to help you do just that. For over 25 years we have been placing medical professionals in positions across Australia. We’re confident we can find a vacancy that works for you.

To learn more reach out to our medical recruitment staff today.