Why work with a medical recruitment agency?

Going on the hunt for a new job isn't exactly an easy process – especially when you're looking for a permanent or locum doctor job. The medical field in particular requires a lot of effort from candidates – selecting the right hospital, filling out all the correct medical forms, going through a few rounds of detailed interviews and then settling into the new placement.

Medical recruitment agencies exist to take away (most of) the stress of the hiring process. In fact, Careers Connections was founded on a passion for doing just that. We are here to help medical professionals pinpoint the perfect job in the perfect location so they can fulfil their passion.

So, what are a few other advantages of working with a medical recruitment agency like us?

Working with a recruiter helps eliminate some of the stress of finding a new position.Working with a recruiter helps eliminate some of the stress of finding a new position.

1. A strong professional network

Recruitment companies work to recruit top talent for the same hospitals year in and year out. Naturally, this creates a strong bond between the recruitment company itself and the placement hospitals. When you enlist the services of an agency, you are helped along in your search by their pre-existing network. This means a foot in the door at prestigious facilities across Australia or even an opportunity to interview for jobs that haven't been listed yet.

2. A deeper understanding of hospital cultures

This same connection with clients means recruitment agencies have a keen understanding of what various hospital cultures are like. In fact, at Careers Connections, we work hard to understand them. We can find you a placement at a facility that fits your professional needs as well as your office culture preferences.

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3. A partner in paperwork

Landing the job is exciting but it also means a mountain of paperwork is about to be sent your way. Recruitment agencies can assist you in filing out the relevant forms, ensuring you are fully compliant and can even store the necessary information for future use. Having this extra sets of hands (and eyes) on all your documents will help ease a bit of your stress and ensure everything goes smoothly heading into your new position.

Interested in learning more about how working with a medical recruitment agency can make your path to employment smoother? We'd love to chat! Reach out to our team today for more information!