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Beating Burnout

Recently attending the GPCE in Brisbane I sat in on this talk on Beating Burnout. It’s helpful for GPs to identify this in themselves, their colleagues and their patients, as it is on the rise….

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TeleHealth No Longer Just a Trend

Telehealth Services are quickly opening the way to support GPs practice in different locations. We know how much shock we receive whenever there is a change introduced affecting the areas GPs can practice who are…

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New MBS Rebates July 2019

MSB have revised their rebates as of July 2019. A quick summary of the changes can be found here.

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DWS Changes

You may already be aware that DWS has been replaced by DPA (Distribution Priority Areas) as of July 1 2019, which has strategically changed the workforce landscape in metro and greater metro areas. DPA factors…

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DPA – Support for Practices and GPs

Are you facing new challenges by the recent DPA Changes? Speaking with our experienced GP recruitment specialists may be the best 30 minutes you spend this financial new year! We have certainly heard some despondency with the new DPA…

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