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Are you facing new challenges by the recent DPA Changes?

Speaking with our experienced GP recruitment specialists may be the best 30 minutes you spend this financial new year!

We have certainly heard some despondency with the new DPA (District Priority Area) changes for General Practitioners that came into play on 1 July 2019 and how some practices have had challenges remaining buoyant and attracting talent to their wonderful business. After speaking with well over 100 practice owners and GPs, we have collated some advice below that you may find useful.


Pointers for Clinics

  • If you have a 19AB exemption, they last for 12 months, so get cracking on trying to fill that GP spot sooner rather than later.
  • Think about what kind of culture you offer that sets your clinic apart, so that you can attract the right GP.
  • Relook at your billing and ensure that you are educated on maximising the most out of your current GPs to increase your bottom line.
  • Think outside of the box. What other incentives can you offer your GPs ahead of other clinics? Offering a higher percentage? Accommodation/car assistance? Relocation assistance? Additional training/education? Bonuses? Regular clinical meetings? etc can give you an edge and make your GPs feel more valued.
  • Keep your mindset focused on why you wanted to open the clinic in the first place. Staying true to your ‘why’ will carry you through and give you more ‘now’ energy to help get over this shock.
  • If you are thinking about opening another clinic, knowing that these changes will be in effect for 3 years, means you have some time up your sleeve to plan and action before the next round of DPA changes take place. Start planning!


Pointers for GPs

  • Locuming for 6 months in 2 or more clinics in the area you wish to move to if you only have 12 months left on your moratorium.
  • Many clinics we know have DPA exemptions but they will expire within 12 months. Don’t be discouraged! Take action and sign that contract now, before the fellowship exams are over. They will be rare as hens teeth once everyone has their fellowship paperwork. You would be surprised as to how many clinics are willing to offer contracts based on whether you pass fellowship. What have you got to lose?
  • Some of our clients have 2 or more exemptions across more than 1 clinic. This can assist you to stay under one umbrella, whilst doing several locuming positions as well to get you over the moratorium finishing line.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk us through your situation. You may be surprised with what we know, who we know and how many other options are available to you, just by simply asking.
  • See us as mentors rather than a recruitment agency. We are really partners in assisting you to fulfil your life’s purpose. Finding you a perfect placement is part of that, but that’s the end result, not the journey. Let yourself be supported. You spend so many hours supporting others. You deserve it.


If you are a practice or a GP in need of assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out! Speak with me! Your GP recruitment mentor, Michelle Dowd, Careers Connections

My best number is my attached-to-my-hip mobile 0422 748 356


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Date published: 07/22/2019