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Our consultants have the in-depth industry knowledge you need to help find the perfect locum or permanent General Practitioner job for you. With nearly 30 years experience in medical and healthcare recruitment, Careers Connections International has a diverse portfolio of public and private hospitals and health clinics throughout Australia.

We specialise in permanent and locum positions for both General registered and Fellowed GPs. Our team of Senior Recruitment Consultants have the recruitment expertise to ensure you are given every possible opportunity to secure the perfect GP job in Australia that is right for you.

Feel free to contact us directly or submit your CV and our Consultants will provide the most up-to-date opportunities of locum and permanent positions across hospitals and private practice.

If you need any assistance with AHPRA or RACGP registrations or applications, we will be more than happy to assist. See further information below about the RACGP process and qualifiers.

What does a GP get paid?

General Practitioner pays are influenced by location and season, however, typical salaries can be in the range of

  • $250 000 - $600 000 for permanent positions
  • $350 000 - $700 000 for VMO/hospital positions
  • $1200 - $1500 per day for locum positions

International Medical Graduates – Applying for Specialist Recognition of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP)

Before applying for GP jobs in Australia as an International Medical Graduate Specialist (IMGS) it is essential for your qualifications and experience to be evaluated by the RACGP Specialist training committee. The evaluation process aims to assess the ability of an IMGS to practise as an unsupervised GP at a comparable standard to that required by RACGP. Sometimes various entry pathways will limit the location in which you can work, and the duration you will need to work there, which can be up to ten years in rural locations.

For further information on how to commence the RACGP or ACRRM assessment process, go to the RACGP website or the ACRRM website

Pursuing a Fellowship in General Practice

To become a Fellowed GP, There are 2 colleges available

  • Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP)
  • Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM)

At least 5 years post graduate experience is required, 4 of which must be working as a GP – with a minimum of 1 year of working in Australia – from 2023, all IMG must enroll into a Fellowship training programe – PEP, ACRRM Independent Pathway or RVTS and each application will be assessed individually.

Training and assessment for Fellowship

To gain the Fellowship of FRACGP or FACRRM, training and assessments are required within a timeframe of up to 5 years. The FRACGP/FACRRM training program for Fellowship is relevant to all practitioners that have completed their training in Australia.

Scope of Practice for General Practitioners

Specialist GPs work across the full scope of practice and unlike some parts of the world, can include considerable procedural style consults.

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